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Mission Statement


The Earth is alive in a scientific as well as a symbolic sense.  Imbedded in this truth is a warning and a promise.  The Gaia Foundation shares and acts upon these duel messages, independently and in partnership with others, by conducting conferences and retreats, sponsoring research and educational programs and advocating action intended to minimize damage to the planet and maximize solutions that mimic those practiced and perfected by the planet over the past 3.8 billion years. 



Welcome to our world, which for better or worse, is also your world and the only one we have, to use or abuse by our actions and inactions.  If we were doing a good job of being stewards of the planet, there would be no need for an organization like the Gaia Foundation.  Unfortunately this is not so and therefore we join a growing number of others who are dedicated to make a difference.

The Gaia Foundation is a California based, non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization structured as a “public charity”.  Our Web Site will introduce you to our people, purpose, projects, programs, partners and passion and is structured to allow you to browse the headlines or dig for the details.

We humans are an integral part of a single web of life but play a special role due to our awareness of our surroundings, actions and consequences and therefore we bear a heavy responsibility to act on behalf of our rapidly disappearing fellow species, all of which depend on our wisdom and decisions for their well being or very survival. 

We acknowledge an unbreakable link between the economy and the environment and recognize that the Earth has a finite carrying capacity determined by the availability and allocation of resources, driven by need and desire.      

To maximize our ability to affect and alter behavior we have chosen three target groups that can individually and collectively make the difference between survival and success.  These groups are the classroom, the boardroom and the backroom.

We have established and are growing collaborative relationships with UCLA, Institute of the Environment, The Center For Tropic Research, the Transformative Action Institute, the California Student Sustainability Coalition, The Global Climate Policy Initiative with programs spanning the globe and in our own back yard, from the grass roots to the pillars of power. 

We appreciate your interest, encourage your involvement and share your concern.  Together we have a choice and a chance.




Gary L. Morris